Breitling Replica Superocean, An Homage To A Great Timepiece

Breitling SuperOcean Black Dial Rubber Strap Mens Watch
Breitling SuperOcean Black Dial Rubber Strap Mens Watch

Breitling replica watches make me wonder: is there any point in spending so much money on the originals? Every model is perfectly duplicated, from the SuperOcean line, to the Navitimer, to the Avenger and any collection you can think of.

I have a hard time deciding which is my favorite model, but, among the first that come to mind is the Breitling Heritage 46 replica. It’s a Breitling SuperOcean replica watch, if that is what you’re wondering, and it’s absolutely stunning if you ask me. You wouldn’t be far from the truth if you were to consider this watch a modern retake of the first SuperOcean model, launched in 1957.

As much as the first model amazed back then, the same goes with this Breitling replica today. The design goes back to the roots of fine watchmaking, it’s simple and yet, it has a lot to say, not only about itself, but about the owner as well. You might think that it resembles a few other timepieces, especially the Submariner or the Fifty Fathoms.

It does indeed, but there is one major difference. And that difference is versatility. While the other two models can only fit within a casual or sporty look, this Breitling Heritage 46 replica fits any occasion you can think of. You can look at it as being a casual timepiece, as well as a dress Breitling Super ocean Heritage Replicas (of course, the rubber strap should be avoided if you want to compliment a suit, and one should opt for the leather or stainless steel bracelet instead).

The great versatility comes from the simplicity of this Swiss Breitling copy watch, especially when looking at the bezel, which is lacking in any unneeded numerals and keeps proportions in a great manner.

And that’s why I still keep wondering, why spend an exorbitant amount of money on the genuine when this Breitling replica serves as the perfect replacement? I even dare say that I prefer the latter, considering what I can do with the money I save.