Breitling Watches

It ‘a very large world. We can say that Breitling has gone through three phases: the first, today detectable in vintage models, say until the early 80s, where he produced fascinating pieces, the evaluation of which today is growing but still affordable. The second period, which lasted until very recently, in which products are well-made Breitling Navitimer copy watches but design and substance (ETA movements) even comparable to the first period (IMHO of course, despite the success of the Chronomat 80-90 years), and the current phase, which could be defined as the rescue, thanks to new manufacture movements. The build quality is excellent today, but the design is very dependent on personal taste. The prices are high. The contemporary models are to be taken with considerable discounts if new (say at least 20%), about half the price if used.

The Breitling replica watches are rather delicate plastic glass having impermeability nonexistent, so you should use them carefully. In my opinion there are watches to wear every day … despite this wrist will make abundantly forgive their weaknesses, being among the most beautiful watches ever produced.

The prices depend very much on the rarity and the condition of the individual specimens

Navitimer 806, roughly from mid-60s to mid-70s, say from 2 to 3000 EUR for well-preserved specimens:

Same reference but version “AOPA” older, I would say by the end of the first 50 to 60, I would say here 3000-5000 Euros:
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