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Join Timeless Luxury Watches and Bremont for another exciting event from 4:30pm to 7:30pm Central Time, Tuesday, December 15th, 2015!

Bremont co-founder Nick English and Bremont West Coast Sales Manager, North America, Neil Head will be present to share their passion for watches, airplanes, and all things British with partygoers. We will, of course, have a complete selection of Bremont watches to try on, but we’ll also have Chivas whiskey and English beer!

The highlight of the evening will be a Q&A with Nick English and questions provided by a variety of watch forums as well as the comment section here at aBlogtoWatch. If you can’t attend, worry not, as we’ll be live streaming the entire interview right here! So check back Tuesday December 15th from 6:00 to 6:30 central time to join Nick English and Timeless Luxury Watches!

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The watch world includes a lot of tasteful sport watches. These models constitute the very popular segment of luxury timepieces offered today. The amusing thing is that it’s hard to make a new elegant game watch, since they often need to grow into existence. This can be true of these famed watches like the Omega Speedmaster and Rolex Submariner (amongst others). These watches needed to be good sport watches, then afterwards (with time) acquire the feasibility of being tasteful. Together with the AC I, Bremont is able to quickly track it to elegance by providing their take on a current refined look, which is the dial fashion of ship deck clocks as married to their popular case design. What a watch such as the AC I lacks in originality it makes up for in layout cohesion and aesthetic familiarity.Bremont’s choice to marry a traditional but useful dial design with a sporty case and strap — along with a less than ordinary range of anti-shock methods makes the AC I see more than something pleasant looking, but a thing which exists among a small collection of opponents — particularly for the price. Bremont tends to have a good deal of flak for what is seen as high prices. My experience with the brand tells me that they provide quality comparable to brands which cost a lot more, so I’ve always felt they’re a fantastic price. It truly depends on what you’re comparing them to. Compare a Bremont to some Victorinox Swiss Army watch and it will seem expensive. Compare it to a IWC and the price seems reasonable. In my opinion, with Bremont’s clientele, quality, and capacity to supply an exclusive item, they’re more comparable to IWC than Victorinox Swiss Army (that is a brand I also very much like, but at lower prices).