Corum Golden Bridge Adam & Eve Replica Watch with Transparent Sapphire Crystal Case Back

Introduced in 2007, this unique fake CORUM Golden Bridge watch, opened the mysterious movements of the time that run along its refined baguette movement with bridges in 18K gold hand-engraved spirals and delicately fringed , makes us rediscover the distant heavenly origins of mankind : Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, that comes to life in a miniature painting.

At this delicate work of art is added to that of the master Swiss-made fake Corum watchmaker, who is assembling with great skill and accuracy of the 137 components of this extraordinary movement in miniature. It must then enclose it in his little palace with four finely carved windows in a sapphire crystal and held together by ribs in gold rectangular case of type “tonneau “.

Corum Golden Bridge Adam & Eve watch replica

Corum Golden Bridge Adam & Eve watch replica

The art of miniature painted on the dial using colored paints, mixed and applied on the dial itself with the help of an extremely fine brush. A work of art of this kind requires the artist at least 36 hours of work, to which must be added about fifteen hours required from drying in an oven at 90 ° C for each application of color. The dial has been pierced following the contours of the movement so that the same is visible through the transparent sapphire crystal case back.

Golden Bridge Adam & Eve copy watch reflects all the love put into this magnificent creation, which the Maison CORUM made in limited edition of 50 pieces with or without diamonds.