The Discount Replica Tudor Heritage Advisor Automatic Alarm Watch

This year, Rolex is going to resurrect the beautiful Tudor Advisor alarm automatic replica wrist watch.

As one might have expected, the new watch carefully preserves the DNA of the original, but comes in a much larger case. The new iteration of the historic model will be sold as the Tudor Heritage Advisorand will feature all the lovely exterior design cues of the original wristwatch that was first introduced almost 55 years ago.

Made of stainless steel and titanium, the new case offers a nice mixture of polished and satin-finished surfaces that provide the watch with more depth and make it look even more interesting. While the Advisor from 1957 was available in a small by today’s standards 34 mm case, the new Heritage Advisor comes in a more impressive 42 mm body.

Tudor Heritage Advisor Automatic Alarm watch

Tudor Heritage Advisor Automatic Alarm watch

The dial has also become more entertaining to look at.

The applied Arabic numerals and hour markers are still here, but, thanks to increase in size, the extra real estate is wisely used to display the alarm On/Off indicator at 9 o’clock and a power reserve display at 3 o’clock.

At six o’clock, there is one more sub-dial that displays a simple 31-days calendar.

As you can see, the mens Tudor copy watch sports not one, but two crowns.

The whole setup is powered by the well-known ETA 2892 automatic caliber that is equipped with a mechanical alarm complication module. Said to be developed by Tudor in-house, the complication module may make the original caliber a bit more difficult to service, but it may also make it hold its resale value better being as unique for the recently resurrected brand as it is. Still, given its relatively high MSRP of ‘approximately’ $5500 (as usual, that will depend on your local taxes and import duties,) you should probably expect the timekeeper’s value to drop quite sharply as long as you make a single step out of Tudor’s boutique.

Although in its press release Rolex says nothing about the timekeeper’s back, I may assume that, like the original, it will be delivered with a solid stainless steel cover. Such a solution makes the alarm sound louder.

The one at 4 o’clock is for winding and setting the watch and the other, at 2 o’clock, is for setting the alarm (it is displayed with the red-colored arrow-tipped extra hour hand.) The buzzer is turned on or off with a push-piece, which is located at 8 o’clock.

According to the company, the Swiss made fake Tudor Advisor watch will be supplied either on a steel bracelet or a leather strap. Both versions will be delivered with an extra strap made in woven fabric.