The Elegant Iconic Chopard Happy Diamonds Replica Watch For Ladies

It may surprise some people to learn that iconic Chopard Happy Diamonds replica watch was originally created for men. The play of colours and free sparkle so enchanted Kurowski that he wanted to find a way to capture and wear this magic. Launched in 1976, the story goes that Chopard’s creative director Ronald Kurowski was inspired by the dancing light reflecting off a waterfall while walking in the Black Forest.

Square Chopard Happy Diamonds replica watch

Square Chopard Happy Diamonds replica watch

Forty years later, after delighting fans by incorporating the dancing diamonds into an array of watches, pendants, earrings and rings, Chopard are celebrating this extraordinary and much loved design with a return to the form of the original.

The original gents Chopard Happy Diamonds watch replica featured a gold cushion-shaped case and black dial that enhanced the sparkle of the diamonds.The result was the ingenious design that set diamonds in cups, perfectly  positioned between two sheets of sapphire crystal, allowing them to move, dance and spin freely across the dial.

For those with a keen sense of fun, Chopard have also introduced a new version of the Happy Sport with a strap that can easily be changed with the seasons, occasion or wearer’s mood. Chopard will release new strap colours each season to keep your style fresh. The caseback is engraved with the motto “be happy”.

At BaselWorld 2016 Chopard revealed a new ladies version of the Happy Diamonds watch which revisits the cushion-shaped case. This vintage yet contemporary watch boasts more diamonds than ever and in different sizes for a lively dance over the textured dial.
This is such a glamourous piece and I love the pearlescent dial which just makes the watch much more luxurious. It’s the perfect watch to mark a special occasion.
I love the flexibility of this watch as you can change the straps over with ease to which ever colour you would like to suit your mood or outfit! The little inscription inside gives it a really sweet and personal touch.

And it’s not just the watches that have been updated. These designs are soft, light and dreamy, filled with joy, with a background of shimmering pearl for an ethereal effect. The elegant Chopard replica Happy Dreams jewellery collection is inspired by clouds, with the floating diamonds now prong set to show off even more light and freedom.