Guardian Angel Breitling Replica Watches Emergency

When I just know this table, I have a special affection to it, because I think it is an angel. It is the “angel” really is not an exaggeration, it really can save your life. In the aviation industry, an experienced pilot’s life, than the tens of millions of dollars worth of aircraft is much more important, so when the pilot in the event of an accident during the voyage, how it becomes very important to save them. Therefore, Breitling Replica Watches UK should NATO requirements, with its many years of experience in the aviation industry, watchmaking and spent 10 years of research and development, and finally design this Emergency watch in 1985 in 1995.

Breitling Emergency fake watch is a precision chronograph Observatory, equipped with a quartz movement Breitling SuperQuartz. Generally speaking, adapt the movement of the oscillation frequency is due to changes in external temperature and slowed down, causing the actual error. Engineers overcome the effects of the temperature difference, especially in the installation of a mini thermometer in the movement, developed a temperature and can automatically adjust the movement of high-precision equipment running. So SuperQuartz annual error rate of less than 15 seconds, compared with the error rate of 150 seconds per year standard quartz movement, equivalent to 10 times the ordinary precision quartz movement.

COSC 2001 standard for the industry to start again SuperQuartz quartz watch for chronometer certification, is still the standard 3 degrees! But requires more stringent restrictions in daily difference +/- 0.2 seconds. So far, only Breitling through! Also, early in 1999, Breitling 100% on all products through the standard symbol of Swiss precision timing Observatory certification authority (COSC), while the annual production of Swiss watches, only 5% to receive this honor.

Of course, most especially, but also the number of the family watches a built-in micro-messaging device, it can air on 121.5MHz emergency frequency, 48 hours a day every 2.25 seconds to 0.75 seconds to issue a distress signal, can fly at 160 within km range, altitude 6000 meters of rescue aircraft received a distress signal. So that in the event of crash victims is to send the signal through the device, so that rescuers can quickly and accurately determine the location of the victims, rescue work. Because chronograph with transmitters operate independently, only this watch if the collision damaged in an accident, and for the transmitter may be damaged. Emergency rescue capabilities between extraordinary watches, Breitling special alert: ‘Breitling Emergency watch only when the aviation distress can start transmitters (including aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons, gliders, parachutes, etc.), improper use will be required burden, because signals on the channel leading to the rescue search and rescue costs. ‘So do not comply with the provisions of the victims of the situation, do not easily use.

Breitling Emergency watch is so popular, there is a very important factor, and that is this watch, in addition to the rescue has impressive features, but also has some very practical, easy to operate and because of features such as: alarm, dual time reality, chronograph, countdown timer, 24-hour, date display and other features that make the watch become mix practicality, functionality and diversity as one of the perfect combination. Really can be called professionals wrist instrument (Instruments For Professionals).

Swiss Copy Breitling Emergency watch since the 1995 launch of high evaluation by the aviation industry, now is the basic feature of the world of precision Saab Gripen fighter pilots, flight team and the world’s major countries are also wearing this table.