The Full Magic Gold Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph Replica Watch

The story in a second:

This watch is to Hublot Big Bang Unico replica watch scene in 2005 few people would have suspected just how Big the Bang would be, and how long it would reverberate.It’s fitting that this is also the year the first female ambassador was introduced, the not in any way unattractive Bar Refaeli.

Ten years on and Hublot is no longer the bright, bulky young star with exciting new materials, gases and atmospheres – the brand has matured and rapidly evolved over the decade and found a permanent place in the watch universe, orbiting out among many high-end brands with longer backstories.

HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO FULL MAGIC GOLD-3Planet Hublot is bigger and richer than ever in 2015 – it’s locked into orbit, and increasingly it’s an environment suited to more than just ambitious men on the make.

But let’s get back to the model on wrist. The Big Bang is not the only enfant terribles of modern Hublot Big Bang Unico magic gold replica watch design to celebrate a birthday this year. The square Bell & Ross B01 also helped to herald an era of hyper-masculine design in 2005. It too has endured and changed and earned the title of an ‘icon’.

To celebrate the milestone for the Big Bang Hublot has released a trio of 10th birthday models (and some insane jewellery pieces) starting with the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold.

If you read the Apple watch hype, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Apple had the monopoly on innovative materials, what with their new scratch resistant gold alloy. Not so much. Hublot have been working with a very similar product since 2011.

HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO FULL MAGIC GOLD-1Magic Gold is a proprietary 18-carat gold alloy that speaks to the heart of Hublot – whose ‘Art of fusion’ tagline is omnipresent – combining new materials into watchmaking. In this case Magic Gold is a mixture of gold with ceramic. This mix creates a material that is unique to wear and touch. Slicker than regular gold, and less lustrous, it’s a material with real benefits – the ceramic content means that Magic Gold is highly scratch resistant, with a hardness of around 1000 vickers.

Myths abound about this material. Many recall Hublot Chairman Jean-Claude Biver standing up at a launch dinner for the technical stylish fake Big Bang Unico watch, picking up a steak knife and trying to saw at the Magic Gold case. He couldn’t, despite his allegedly vigorous efforts. People still talk about it. It worked, then.

The Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold is the first watch to have a completely Magic Gold case, which is far less ‘gold’ in appearance than King Gold or the gold you’re probably imagining on other brands and models. It’s the classic Big Bang design, powered by Hublot’s top of the line Unico column wheel chronograph. The matte black dial is skeletonised to better show off the movement, which has been treated to give it an anthracite finish. All this combines to create a surprisingly muted watch.

HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO FULL MAGIC GOLD-4On the wrist the Big Bang Unico Magic Gold wears well. It is perhaps the least flashy gold watch I’ve ever tried in the metal. Still, it is a 45mm Hublot Big Bang, which has a fair bit of inherent flashiness. But the case and dial treatments are toned down – so the watch doesn’t scream bling. Rather it projects a more subtle statement of prestige.

The Big Bang Unico Magic Full Gold is, by Hublot standards, a relatively reserved watch. It’s still a confident expression of the brand DNA, and showcases how far they’ve come with technical developments around case materials and their own movements, but it’s all expressed with less wild eagerness and testosterone than you might be expecting.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold Australian pricing

The Big Bang Full Magic Gold will be a limited edition of 250 pieces and has an indicative price of $37,700.