The Perfect Awesome Nomos Minimatik Fake Watch

The new best fake Nomos Minimatik watch is a slim and elegant watch in classic Nomos style. The most impressive thing about it is the new DUW 3001 movement that makes it tick.

Nomos-Minimatik-1If you came here looking for our expert and erudite opinion on the brand new Nomos Minimatik replica I’ve got to apologise in advance – because I’m going to spend a good chunk of this article talking about the least visible aspect of the watch – the movement.

The Minimatik is a big deal because of the DUW 3001 movement that powers it. It’s Nomos’ second movement (and first auto) featuring their new completely in-house escapement, the impressive swing system that they introduced last year. It comes in at a super slim 3.2mm high, but also manages to be robust and reliable enough to meet chronometer standards. No easy feat for a mass production movement.

This is the movement that will elevate the brand from well respected and slightly quirky German indies to industry powerhouse in the years to come.

Nomos-Minimatik-2The DUW 3001 will be the new Nomos workhorse. Flexible enough to comfortably fit inside the slimmest dresswatch, or to form the base for whatever complications Nomos can come up with.

But that’s the future. For now we have to be content with this movement being rolled out in a refurbished Tangente, and the brand new Simple Nomos Minimatik copy watch . The first thing to know about the Minimatik is that the marketing for this watch is pitching the 35.5mm timepiece squarely at the ladies, but it would work just fine on dudes who are down with smaller diameters.


Minimatik on the left, updated Tangente on the right. Both showing off the new DUW 3001

Aesthetically the Minimatik is obviously a Nomos. Clean lines, clever use of colour – all the hallmarks are there. As a design the dial is a bit of a mash-up between the Metro and the Club, and it really works. The colours in particular, bordeaux red hands, ink blue numerals and little splashes of gold really sing together. The most common complaint about Nomos is that the watches are too sterile, and (if you’re being harsh) boring. I can see where this is coming from on their super classic designs like the Tangente or the Ludwig, but Nomos are moving with the times and recent watches like this one and the Metro have enough going on design wise (while still retaining the super clean aesthetic) to be a solid rebuff to this sort of criticism. There is no doubt their line up is getting stronger.

Nomos have been a hit machine lately, and the Minimatik is no exception. But what I’m really hoping to see is a 40mm ‘Maximatic’ version of this design next year.

Nomos Minimatik Australian pricing

The Minimatik will retail for $5300 AUD

Brand: Nomos
Model: Minimatik
Case Size: 35.5mm
Case Height: 8.6mm
Case Material: Steel
Dial: Galvanized, white silver-plated; inde- xes pearled
Strap: Cordovan
Movement: DUW 3001
Hand: Steel, red laquered