High-efficiency 38MM Piaget Altiplano 900D Replica Watch For Sale

At just 5.60 mm thick, the ladies’ Piaget Altiplano 900D replica watch a flair for boldness and the constant quest for infinite slimness, delicacy and refinement cherished by Piaget.

Designed as an inseparable whole to achieve record-breaking slimness, this timepiece quite literally embodies the merging of the Maison Piaget’s two integrated Manufactures: one in La Côte-aux-Fées where the movements are developed; and the other in Plan-les-Ouates where the watch exteriors are designed and crafted in synergy with the watchmakers. The cases, dials and sapphire crystals must be closely fitted to the precious mechanisms they protect. No less than three years were required to take up such a challenge. In 2016, the chic icon of extreme slenderness is transformed into an Haute Joaillerie talisman.

In 2014, the 140th anniversary of the Maison witnessed the launch of a revolutionary watch: the Altiplano 38 mm 900P. This spectacular and elegant fake Piaget Altiplano watch based on a whole new concept set a new ultra-thin record. But above and beyond its slender 3.65 mm thickness, the most striking aspect of this model lies in the boldness of its design. The case and movement are as one, with the latter serving as a mainplate to which the 145 components of the calibre are fixed.

Piaget Altiplano 38MM 900D replica watch

Piaget Altiplano 38MM 900D replica watch

A permanent invitation to excel, the motto “Always do better than necessary” is the constant leitmotif driving the challenges taken up by the Maison. At Piaget, the movement is always an integral part of the watch design and with more than 40 different professions exercised in its workshops at La Côte-aux-Fées and Plan-les-Ouates, nothing could be more natural than for the Maison to express its watchmaking art by associating it with dazzling mastery of the jewellery art.

In the realm of ultra-thin watchmaking, the thinness of the material leaves little room for setting the stones and allows only infinitely small tolerances in order to preserve the pure curving lines and the volume of the case. Adorned with 5.77 carats of diamonds, the Altiplano 38 mm 900D sets a new record as the world’s slimmest Haute Joaillerie watch, at a mere 5.60 mm thick. Liberally sprinkling this creation with 304 diamonds and subtly alternating gem cuts – of the baguette variety for the bezel and chapter ring, and brilliant-cut for the lugs and case middle –, Piaget masterfully illustrates the symbolic merging of its skills. Moreover, the Maison further magnifies the exclusive character of the movement, incorporated into the mainplate, by means of snow-setting. While ultra-thin horology is embedded in the very genes of the Maison, the equally demanding art of gemsetting is also an integral part of its DNA. True artists of light with an eye just as sure as their accurate gestures, the master-gemsetters in turn perform impressive technical feats.  This sophisticated technique involving random setting with diamonds of varying diameters, nestling closely against each other to entirely conceal the underlying precious metal, creates shimmering reflections similar to sunbeams dancing across snow. In addition to the complexity of the workmanship and the no less than four days required to perform it, the initial selection of the stones themselves also requires considerable expertise. Further reflecting this quest for radiance aimed at meeting the high standards established by the Maison, the screws of the bridges and gear wheels are also gemset, while the solid caseback and the folding clasp are also graced with the ultimate touch of luxury in the form of a row of diamonds.

This standout model sets a new crowning touch to more than half a century of virtuoso skills in the realm of ultra-thin watchmaking. This radiant and exclusive creation interpreted in masculine and feminine variations is a sublime embodiment of Piaget’s vision of perfection.Not only that, but this supremely chic icon featuring a case and movement that merge into an inseparable whole – clad in diamonds right the way through to the heart of its calibre and taking the art of gemsetting to a new pinnacle of flawless excellence – asserts itself as the world’s thinnest Haute Joaillerie diamonds Piaget copy watch.