Hublot Big Bang series hemp fiber gold watch

Hublot good at bold and innovative ideas always surprises us, in full swing last year Hublot and artistic cooperation, giving everyone left a deep impression. At the same time Hublot is the first precious metals and natural rubber perfect fusion of advanced watch brand, the launch of the revolutionary Big Bang series, which will include a launch multiple industry awards, and now Big Bang series have included a number of innovative materials , it is said never.

While Big Bang watch hemp fiber diameter gold watch House last year shot 41 mm, by far the most perfect blend of ancient material flax fiber and gold, to create a magical this classic masterpiece. The case of “vertical” flax fibers, finely divided powder gold randomized into which create a unique swiss replica watch.


Ancient heritage Vacheron Constantin watch when the two Harmony

2015, Vacheron Constantin welcomed the 260 anniversary of the brand, a 57,260 so that everyone admired so much, precipitated a long history of the ancient heritage, the top count are the product of a manufacturing process every time.

While Harmony series 7810S / 000R-B051 watch is also designed to celebrate the 260 anniversary of the birth of the brand will launch a special series of watches, limited edition 500. When the two are one of the most useful and the most sought after complex functions aristocratic gentleman, while the classic pillow case design is also very consistent with modern standards of beauty, noble rose gold watch also bring out the unique qualities of luxury, equipped with the new 2460DT internal self-winding watch movement also brings a more accurate timepiece performance.

Water Pokémon ScubaTec series dive watch

ScubaTec diving watch series was launched in 2014, this series is positioned as classic watches advanced sports watch, with strong water resistance. Basel Watch Fair in 2015, this series of upgrades whole rose gold watch was born, but watch house photographed earlier steel or gold ring section. Watch a large area of ​​the blue, as if immersed in the ocean, rose gold crown with ceramic ring, improved waterproof watch underwater when worn; bezel around gear fine grain polished and brushed case detailed processed so with a comfortable feel when rotating bezel; decoration blue scales on the dial of the watch more perfect interpretation of marine inspiration.

At first sight Luo Jiedu replica watches uk Excalibur

Luo Jiedu He While Excalibur series RDDBEX0349 watch with a bold clean lines, resolute and decisive personality and concise design, showing the basic aesthetic elements of the classic series, limited edition of 188 watches. 18K white gold watch case is made from the table diameter 42 mm bezel using the brand classic groove design, and with the use of quite characteristic of trigeminal lugs, while accompanied by a plain black crocodile leather strap.

Complicated beauty handed down complex chronograph series 7077

Design of Breguet’s most recognizable, whether it is rather mechanical sensitivity appearance, or complex function of movement inside mounted, are most ingenious watchmakers skills embodied. During the 2015 Basel Watch Fair, Breguet watch family has added a new member that we captured While 7077 chronograph.

The new 7077 chronograph inherited Breguet Tradition handed down series of bold avant-garde design, architecture and intricate mechanical master on a surface glance, it can not help but lament the charm of machinery. Watch diameter 44 mm, case in 18K rose gold, presented in a low-key delicate precious metal can not hide the US luxury gloss case is still using the classic Breguet coin shape, and featuring a very classical style welded fillet straight lugs.


Tastefully Girard-Perregaux watches 1966

1966 Series watch is a classic traditional Perregaux replica watches sale, elegant design and the perfect combination of exceptional watchmaking heritage brand understated elegance, but also fully demonstrate their craft brand classic watch design. Watch perfect interpretation of the US balance of sleek appearance, harmonious proportions and exquisite mechanical process, deep blue dial so watch elegant sense of doubling, 38 mm rose gold case with arched spherical and bevel table mirror polished diamond bezel so that the whole watch more elegant.

Walker choice Corum Admiral’s Cup series when the two day and night display

Corum Admiral’s Cup series since 1960, launch date, has been active and energetic and just male elegant style, interpretation of the Kunlun brand essence and personality, its clean-cut appearance to replace the classic lines of curvature. While the new Admiral’s Cup Challenger 48 watches is the world’s first map of Kunlun and day and night display timepieces function, it also marks the birth of the Kunlun tabulation of progress and innovation.