IWC Replica Watches: Modern Technical Excellence Meets The Pristine Design

It seems that a light-colored dial is rare amongst diving Swiss Replica IWC Aquatimer watches. Most divers’ watches feature darkened dails with vibrant and contrasting indices and hands. As a result, the IWC Aquatimer IW329004 watch with pleasingly pure silver-plated dial took the limelight when it was introduced in 2014. There were two versions being unveiled by IWC, including the one with black dial and another one with silvered dial. Different in hue, two designs release totally different styles. The black one emphaizes on masculine appeal while the lighter one exudes freshly subtle refineness. The silvered model, with a basic and austere look, is regarded as purists’ and minimalists’ thing. And its replicas also enjoy booming popularity since they were exposed to the public.


Following the official design, replica IWC Aquatimer replica watch silvered watches are available to go with steel bracelets which highly matching with the case or the black rubber straps which give a contrasting image. Absolutely, each version has its enthusiasts. The steel cases in these Top Swiss IWC replica watches are discreetly sized at 42 mm. The well brushed bezel is quite a notable part mounting on the polished-and-brushed case. And under the sapphire crystal, what has been presented is the “deep dial”. The reason why I said the dial is deep is that the dial is set below the bevelled inner bezel which is highly recognizable as the SafeDive bezel. And different from the light-green luminescent coating indices in the black models, the white ones are opted in these silvered IWC replica watches. That just brings a monochromatic look to these replica IWC Aquatimer watches. And the blend of blacked outlines and white luminescent coating is amazing to not only gurantee fine readability, but also show a pristine image. However, the yellow triangle on the tip-top of the second hand is the only distinctive hue in these IWC replica watches. And the steel bracelet finally adds a resolute elegance and all-purpose look.