Jeanrichard Aquascope Kind Surf Limited Edition Replica Watch Ref. 60400-11l706-FK7A

The best replica  JeanRichard Kind Surf Aquascope Limited Edition (Ref. 60400-11l706-FK7A) automatic watch was created together with an NGO that was founded last year by Almudena Fernandez, a Spanish top model, in order to support kids from “socially disadvantaged environments”. Called Aquascope BNY Mellon Boat Race Edition, the watch was dedicated to the upcoming competition between Oxford and Cambridge rowing teams.

It looks like buying one of these limited edition timekeepers, you will support a really good cause.

JeanRichard seems to be really fond of its new Aquascope family. Only two weeks ago they presented another limited edition of the model.

Jeanrichard aquascope kind surf watch replica

Jeanrichard aquascope kind surf watch replica

Being just over 13 millimeters thick, the wristwatch is physically slim, however the signature notched bezel is relatively thick compared to the case itself (I have got an impression that it is at least two thirds, if not three fourths, as thick as the case) and gives the device an even more rugged, tool-like appearance. The effect is further exaggerated by the timekeeper’s signature “cushion” shape: compared to a normal circular-shaped model, watches of this design simply cover more square millimeters of your skin and thus look more massive.

Members of Swiss made fake JeanRichard Aquascope collection are traditionally offered in mildly oversized bodies. Measuring 44 millimeters in width, the cases predictably take a lot of space on a normal wrist.

Although I wouldn’t advise you using it as your primary source of time measurement (the Sellita SW200-based Caliber JR60 is very reliable and also quite robust, but when your oxygen runs out because the self-winding mechanism still didn’t have enough juice when you first put it on, you would probably feel a bit stupid while dying of asphyxia), it can actually be used with an electronic diving computer as a backup.Although I have an impression that the watch wasn’t designed as such, you can actually use it as a tool. Rated for three hundred meters of water resistance, it features hands that are wide and covered with fair amount of luminous substance, while the bezel is easy to be operated even with gloved hands.

jeanrichard aquascope kind surf watch replica

jeanrichard aquascope kind surf watch replica


UPDATE (21 Nov 2013): We have just received a reply from JeanRichard PR representative and it looks like there really was somthing wrong with color profile of the original photos of the watch. As you can see on a couple of photos below, the aluminum bezel and Superluminova on the dials are indeed grey-blue, not greenish like they appeared earlier.

It looks like on these promo photos colors are really screwed up, since the bezel, hour and minute hands, as well as luminous strips on the facetted hour markers are supposed to match in hue the grey-blue color of the NGO’s logo (which is, too, green on these photos, I have already contacted JR and currently waiting for fixed photos). This new Kind Surf model features the same technical specs, but features a less common color scheme.

I have also an update on the limited edition model’s price. Initially, they plan to offer the JeanRichard replica watch at just €2500 (VAT not included), but the price will certainly go North after all the JeanRichard replica timepieces will be sold out.