Meet The Swiss Black Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic Watch Replica For Men

Fashioning an all-ceramic Corum Golden Bridge replica watch case is a truly delicate exercise that involves injecting crystals into a mold at around 980-bar pressure. The next step is a 30-second firing in a furnace heated to 160°C in order to harden the still porous material. This extremely tricky phase causes the ceramic to shrink by about one-third of its volume in order to reach its final 34 x 51 mm size. The daunting task calls for complete mastery of the firing time, since a few seconds too many could entail excessive shrinkage that would make the case too small to accommodate the caliber.The first challenge involves ensuring that the material is uniformly spread so as to avoid any roughness in the resulting surface texture.

The ceramic Golden Bridge is a high-precision achievement instilled with an ethereally light aesthetic. The slender silhouette of the eye-catching baguette movement stretches elegantly along the length of the tonneau-shaped case. This mechanism first created in 1980 quickly stablished itself as a Swiss watch industry icon masterfully meeting the energy transmission challenge implied by its extraordinary vertical-axis construction. In this new version, the complexity of the legendary baguette movement offers a sizzling chemistry with the case that is made with one of the toughest materials available.

Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic watch replica

Corum Golden Bridge Ceramic watch replica

Swiss luxury Corum copy watch brand CORUM unveils a highly sophisticated black ceramic version of their masterpiece Golden Bridge model.

Rather than a classic index- or regulator-type system, the caliber is equipped with a variable-inertia balance guaranteeing excellent long-term accuracy. Beating at the frequency of 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and endowed with a 40-hour power reserve, themovement features two pillars visible on the bridges and ensuring enhanced resistance and rigidity – and thus greater precision.The impeccably pure ceramic Golden Bridge even lines up the crown at 6 o’clock as if to form an extension of its hand-wound CO 113 movement. Its slipping-spring winding system avoids forcing the mechanism, while a specific coupling clutch has been developed to separate winding from time-setting by means of an ingenious architecture in which the wheels and pinions are mounted between the mainplate and the bridge.

The red gold main plate is also adorned with delicate hand engravings embodying the finest watch-making traditions. Standing out against the movement, the open-worked baton-type hands appear to revel in the absence of a dial in order to accentuate the transparency of this model, while an elegant alligator leather strap fitted with a black PVD-coated pin buckle sets the ideal finishing touch. Perfectly staged within its black ceramic case framed by four sapphire crystals forming the upper glass, back and sides, the baguette movement invites observers to enjoy a 360° immersion into the magic of its linear mechanism, at the heart of a captivating play on transparency. The 5N 18K red gold upper bridge bears the hand-engraved Corum signature, surrounded by a slender scrolling motif depicting the three types of fern that grown in the forests of La Chaux-de-Fonds, the region where the Corum Golden Bridge watch replica sprang to life.