Meistersinger Gives a Royal Salute to Queen Elizabeth’s 60 Years of Rule

The finest Meistersinger replica watches has been crafted to celebrate the Royal family and to honor a beautiful clock.  A classic hand wound Unitas movement works within a 43mm stainless steel case, protected by a sapphire back.  But it is the watch face itself is what most strikes the eye.  The single hand traces the regal purple of the dial is simply exquisite, an exact replica of the hand on Westminster Abbey itself.  When it was designed in the 16th century, this was the most accurate way to display time with the existing gearing methods, a fact Meistersinger has chosen to highlight in this royal piece.

The Westminster tower where this inspirational clock resides guards the left of the entrance of the Abbey.  A Gothic cathedral, it is most recognizable for the flying buttresses that liken it to the Notre Dame in Paris.  Though less easily named by viewers, this building is a classic part of the London skyline and an apt inspiration for the Queen’s own best quality fake Meistersinger watch.  Big Ben is the watch tower closely associated with London by international folks, but the Abbey lies just down the Thames river from Big Ben and is a place of significant royal importance.  Coronations, State Funerals and Royal Weddings take place here, most recently the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton last year.  Now it is the cornerstone for celebration of the beloved queen’s beginning reign from 60 years ago.

Among the many appropriately extravagant celebrations in store for the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation is Meistersinger’s personal tribute.  A single hand limited edition watch that is designed from one of London’s finest clocks, located on the north western tower of Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, the Meistersinger Inspiration

This outstanding Meistersinger copy watch will only be available on the UK market and fittingly only 60 pieces have been made.  The cunningly chosen price for this watch is 1,953 GBP, see if you can figure out why.  Hurry to catch yours before it flies by as have the years of her rule, for who can possibly put a price on 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II?