The Mens Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Chronographe Blue Dial Watch Replica

Very few watch Manufactures are blessed with the intense creativity of blue dial Roger Dubuis watch replica : ever since it was founded in 1995 it has been totally focused on innovation.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Chronographe watch replica

Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Chronographe watch replica

His lineage, chivalry and bravery make the Warrior the perfect image for the noblest and most powerful Roger Dubuis creations. Four exceptional models in the Excalibur collection reflect his masterful, choreographed power in a perfect balance of technical expertise and artistic expression. Constantly introducing innovations to reinforce its dynamic design style is a perpetual objective at Roger Dubuis. The Manufacture has developed a watchmaking culture devoted to taking on the most extravagant challenges, a mission shared by the hero of the Warrior world where there is no place for half-measures. The legend has inspired four Excalibur models that excite the senses and remind us that boldness is an eternal virtue.

First is the Excalibur Table Ronde. 12 knights and their swords carved in gold form the hour markers around the enamelled dial, making the watch an evocation of the Round Table at the heart of the King Arthur legend. And who better to express the spirit of this legend than the finest craftsmen at Roger Dubuis who keep priceless traditional skills alive and demonstrate them in this outstanding example of noble refinement. In a limited series of 28 watches, the RD821 mechanical movement is fitted with hour and minute indicators that awaken a timeless imagination.

The second original creation exemplifies the superb expertise of Roger Dubuis by showing that weightlessness is as much a feeling as a physical state. The Excalibur 42 Tourbillon Squelette is a model of elegance and lightness that reveals extraordinary mechanical complexity. Based on the Excalibur 45 Double Tourbillon Squelette, it is a masterpiece of watchmaking that is also a genuine work of art. The 165 parts that make up the RD505SQ mechanical movement transform technical intricacy into a form of artistic expression that is perfectly framed in the 42 mm case. It introduces a new interpretation of the skeleton movement at Roger Dubuis.

Now its prestigious new creations for 2013 are dazzling the world of Fine Watchmaking with their mastery of centuries-old arts, their expertise in complications, their virtuosity in design and the magic of their jewellery. They all draw their inspiration from the Warrior, the legendary figure in a daring world of adventure that, just like the Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Chronographe copy watch collection, is driven by passion.

The third essential element in the 2013 collection, the Excalibur 42 Chronograph, combines two themes: elegance and technique. Its strongly chromatic design is emphasised in a blue dial with white Roman numerals. But the two symmetrical chronograph counters in the middle of the dial are a reminder that design is not the only daring feature of this watch. Its heart is the new RD681 movement that brings a dynamic dimension to elegant sports timing.

The brilliance of the Excalibur 36 makes it the most elegant of the four models. Starting with a 36 mm case, the craftsmen of Roger Dubuis were charged with turning the piece into a perfect symbol of High Jewellery. 672 diamonds totalling approximately 4.78 carats decorate the steel fake Roger Dubuis watch from the crown to the folding clasp, creating a stunning effect on the bracelet. Powered by the RD821 mechanical movement it makes each second, each minute, each hour more dazzling than the one before.