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Actually, Breguet did create a “optional” dial for your Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette, which I have taken pictures of next to the pocket watch. I don’t know if it has ever really been put into the pocket watch, but it’s intriguing that it exists. I hope you could at least appreciate the majesty and grand presence that this exceptionally impressive modern marvel has. In addition to being the substance of collectors’ dreams, additionally, it explains to so many people why a pursuit in fine timepieces is both intellectually and emotionally rewarding. I am so happy to have had a chance to check it out. Unfortunately, I never have to fulfill Nicolas G. Hayek senior myself — nor will I ever. He’s someone who, at this stage in my “opinion career,” I believe I’d have had some wonderful interactions with. Some amusing trivia: as a young watch author, I had submitted some interview questions to Mr. Hayek. Unfortunately, he never got to answering them, as they lay on his desk when he died of cardiac arrest in his office in 2010. I’ve always harbored the panic — albeit crazy — that my inquiries might have been among the last things he ever saw.I’m very happy to announce that the Breguet 1160 Marie Antoinette pocket view is available for people to see at the Breguet: Art & Innovation In Watchmaking special exhibit that will be held in the San Francisco Legion of Honor from September 19th, 2015, before January 10, 2016. I highly recommend checking this out really wonderful display of historic Breguet timepieces if you’re in the San Francisco area.