Replica Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Airspeed watch is Inspired By The Instrumentation Of Aircraft Cockpits

The iconic BR 01 AVIATION replica collection is directly inspired by the instrumentation of aircraft cockpits, and addresses four fundamental requirements: legibility, functionality, precision and water-resistance.In 2012, Bell & Ross introduced three new versions: BR 01 HORIZON, BR 01 ALTIMETER, and BR 01 TURN COORDINATOR. The result was a collection of exclusive fake Bell & Ross BR 01-92 Airspeed watches with an innovative display and uncompromising legibility: an absolute priority for professionals and for every Bell & Ross watch.

Pushing its exploration of aeronautical navigation instruments further, Bell & Ross innovates year after year with completely new high-tech models —BR 01 COMPASS in 2010, and RADAR in 2011—, offering a completely new way of reading time, inspired by flight instrumentation.

In 2013, Bell & Ross is enhancing the AVIATION collection with three new instruments directly inspired by the cockpit, – HEADINg INDICATOR, AIRSPEED and CLIMB – and essential to flying and navigation.


Design that enhances legibility
Bell & Ross designers have borrowed the graphic characteristics of the anemometer, or airspeed, to create an original and extremely legible display of time.
• To enhance legibility, the hour, minute and second graduations have been separated to promote the minutes on the main dial – as in the
original instrument –, while the hours are displayed in the center.
• The three colors that indicate levels of criticality in the original instrument – green, white and yellow – also appear on the hot sale Bell&Ross BR01-92 Airspeed copy watch dial and
indicate the zones by quarters of an hour.
• The hands and index marks are covered in a white photo luminescent coating, contrasting with the black of the dial, echoing the legibility
principles of professional aeronautical instruments.
• The anti-glare, matt black carbon finish of the case is inspired by the color of an instrumentation panel, designed to make the dials easier
to read by eliminating glare.