Bremont Anti-Shock Automatic Fake Watch with Date Day


At Time+Tide we’re all about stories. And when it comes to brand stories few have a better one than British watch brand Bremont replica watch. The brand has a rich (and legitimate) history of aviation, and all the tragedy and triumph required for a good story. It wears casually, but not too casually, and at 43mm hits the sweet spot for contemporary sports watch size.

But we will tell that tale another day, in more detail.

Today let’s focus on one Bremont Anti-Shock Automatic copy watch. It is a watch that, in many ways encapsulates the spirit of Bremont – ideologically and commercially.

That watch is, of course the Martin-Baker II (hereafter MBII).


The MBII is named after the aviation company Martin-Baker, who produce the majority of the worlds ejection seats. The exclusive replica Bremont MBI (available only to those who have been strapped into an ejection seat when it deploys) and the more accessible MBII was designed to withstand the extreme forces involved in hurtling out of a fast moving plane.


Thankfully for us earthbound mortals it’s not only tested beyond endurance, but very attractive. The Bremont Trip-Tick case construction is the most visible element of this watch, thanks to the heavily gnarled and anodized aluminium barrel (Orange in this case – Red is reserved for the MBIs).


The watch further stands out from the crowd thanks to its two crowns, one of which sets the functions of the watch, the other operates the silky smooth internal bezel (utilizing another Bremont technology – Roto-Click).


In the hand this watch is a real joy, with construction on par to some of the Swiss big boys. And it’s just as good on the wrist, especially on the just released (and buttery soft) leather NATO.

Bremont have made a name for themselves by taking the traditional tropes of aviation watches, and giving them a unique, modern spin – and this watch, which I would argue is the cornerstone of their collection and brand, started it all.