The Custom Curated Luxury Replica Watches Surprise Box For Men


As an BuyWatchesTop guest, Paul Chakour of Dilusso would like to share details about their luxury surprise box for men which features a curated collection of goods including a replica watch, pen, headphones, and other selected products.

I’d like to thank BuyWatchesTop for providing me with this guest post opportunity.

My name is Paul Chakour and I am the CEO of Dilusso – the luxury surprise box for men. I am an avid buying Rolex Submariner copy watch enthusiast and, along with my co-founders, share an affinity for luxury and high-touch customer service. At one time or another, we’ve each celebrated life’s milestones by making a luxury purchase to commemorate the occasion. Still today, I can remember buying one of my prized replica watches while on my honeymoon in Italy. It’s that type of lasting memory that was the main inspiration for Dilusso.

Derived from the Italian phrase di lusso, which means “of luxury” or “luxurious,” Dilusso brings together luxury brands, iconic curators from various industries, as well as exclusive experiences to create a unique “experiential buying” service. Research has shown that owning goods may be a reflection of our identity, but experiences tend to be our identity and can make us all the more interesting and even happier.


You may be familiar with the subscription and mystery box concept which has gained huge popularity over the past few years, generally comprised of consumable goods or samples. Until now, there hasn’t been any that focus on the luxury consumer at this level.

So, what can you expect from a Dilusso Surprise Box? We start with a hand-crafted solid mahogany box, which is a luxury keepsake in and of itself. Then, as a centerpiece of the Dilusso Surprise Box, we include one of our personal favorite luxury items, a Swiss made mechanical watch from the likes of Replica Rolex, Panerai, and Hublot Watches. When it comes to selecting Cheap Classic Fake Rolex watches, your curator will always take your preferences, your current collection, and aspirational pieces into account. We have also developed partnerships with highly sought-after brands such as De Bethune, Roger Dubuis, and MCT. These more exclusive pieces carry a higher price value than some of our initial Dilusso Surprise Boxes, but we will develop private and intimate experiences around these amazing brands for the true watch connoisseur.


We then surround the timepiece with other luxury essentials for men. These include pens; cuff links; headphones and other tech; leather goods like wallets, bags, and agendas; Top quality replica Hublot Big Bang watch related accessories like watch winders and straps; bracelets; belts; and art. All essentials are from leading recognizable brands such as replica Goyard, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton or relatively new and unique entrants to the market like, Roland Iten, Anil Arjandas, and Edelberg – each with an intriguing story and exclusivity to themselves. And, retail value for the items will always be higher than what you pay for your Dilusso Surprise Box.


Dilusso is all about creating memories, and a Dilusso Surprise Box wouldn’t be complete without amazing luxury experiences. The options are truly endless, but each Dilusso Surprise Box will be curated specifically around the interests and passions of each customer to create exhilarating experiences such as:

  • dining at some of the most highly regarded restaurants around the world
  • private celebrity chef dining experiences
  • VIP access to major sporting events like Formula 1, US Open, or NFL Super Bowl
  • movie premieres and VIP access to the Grammy Awards including celebrity after-parties
  • Private travel to a vibrant city like Las Vegas or luxury yacht charter in Cannes for the film festival

How, exactly, do we offer this? By visiting our website, firstly, our customer selects from our expert influencers or personalities from social media, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle to curate his Dilusso Surprise Box. Then, we work with our customer to get an intimate understanding of his personal interests, and our curator then goes to work deciding on which essentials and experiences will fit the customer best, injecting their own personal style, taste, and expertise. The curator can choose from our ever-growing pool of brands and partners. All goods are 100% authentic and sourced from authorized dealers or directly from the brand and include the manufacturer’s warranty. We will not offer grey market or pre-owned goods. We will, however, let our customers know if a rare and sought-after vintage item has been acquired as part of their Dilusso Surprise Box.

Working with the premier global concierge service, Les Concierges, the curator builds exhilarating experiences based on the customer’s preferences and taking into account their geographic location and the time of the year – specifically for scheduled events such as sporting events.


Then, we deliver the custom Dilusso Surprise Box directly to our customer’s door – anywhere in the world— international shipping & insurance included, with hand-delivery offered anywhere within North America. The Dilusso Surprise Box experience doesn’t end at delivery: we personally follow up with each customer to ensure they’re satisfied and, most of all, surprised.

A Dilusso Surprise Box starts at US$15 and each box is personalized and part of a numbered limited edition series to ensure exclusivity.


Apart from the fact there wasn’t anything like this in the market, we wanted to offer a unique luxury buying experience for men to make their purchase as memorable as possible. We wanted a way our customers could celebrate their success and achievements or commemorate a milestone in their life in a manner that would bring them joy and memories for many years to come.

We’re always open to feedback and would love to hear about which curators you’d like to see, the brands & types of essentials as well as experiences that would excite you most. You can let us know via phone, email, or live chat (available on our website), or via our social media pages – we’d love to hear from you.

A sincere thank you again to the BWT team for allowing us to share.

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