A Unique Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu White Superluminova Replica Watch Ref.415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16

With harmony and proportion, Hublot and Sang Bleu create an original intriguing and eye-catching piece. Its construction is reminiscent of the symbolism in the geometric shapes so dear to unique Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu replica watch. It evokes the harmonious and proportional relationships derived from Leonard de Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Symmetric effects that have guided Humanity since the dawn of time and that have created the greatest architectural projects in the world. Shapes that characterize Maxime Büchi’s tattoo designs and echo the quest for perfection and the worship of symbols that bring his work to life.

Celebrated during Fashion Week in London in February, the collaboration between Hublot and Sang Bleu takes the form of a glass and metal sculpture. A work made of singular shapes spatially transposing the visual codes that create the watch’s architecture. A unique motif, drawn out by the subtle play and superposition of rings and squares, not only evokes the quadrature of the circle but also tells the time in an audacious manner.To make it easier to tell the time, one of the tips of the hours and minutes octagons is in white Superluminova. As for the seconds, these tick by in the center on a black disc stamped with the H of Hublot and the stylised hourglass of Special fake Big Bang Sang Bleu.

Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu


A brand-new, totally redesigned Big Bang, which sees its lines beveled, cut by the geometric effect. The bezel of the Big Bang sees its roundness shaped into a hexagon. The numerals created for this piece by Maxime’s typeface-design agency SwissTypefaces SARL. As for the seconds counter, it appears discreetly on the metal sculpture that dresses the dial. Curves that contrast with the piece as a whole. As if to reinforce its mysterious spirit and give time another dimension, no hand appears on the dial. The time is displayed through the superposition of three rhodium- plated octagonal-shaped discs. The largest disc indicates the hours, while the small one marks the minutes. These facets confer a three-dimensional effect upon it. The matt black dial presents a wide black satin- finish circular flange stamped with the hours.

Hublot - Maxime Büchi with the Big Bang Sang Bleu


Available in a run of 200 pieces, the Big Bang Sang Bleu titanium copy watch follows the rhythm of the Unico manufacture movement, which has been entirely remodeled without a chronograph and redesigned in order to tell the time through three discs. As for the oscillating weight, its silhouette features the triangular codes of the Sang Bleu logo.

The motifs of the dial are extended to the 45-mm titanium case which is engraved to resemble the geometry of the sculpture. The Big Bang Sang Bleu is held on a black calfskin strap. Sewn onto rubber, it is hot stamped in a gradient from black to gray. As a reminder of the collaboration, the Sang Bleu logo is engraved on the back of the strap.